5 Fallacious SEO Tricks that are Actually Harming Your Website Rankings

5 Fallacious SEO Tricks that are Actually Harming Your Website Rankings

One cannot deny that SEO is fundamental to any digital marketing strategy. It can help you exponentially expand the online presence of your brand and increase leads. However, one wrong step and it will tank the entire SEO process.

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Most bloggers misunderstood the usage of different components of search engine optimization. This is due to the ever-changing algorithms by search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc. Not paying attention to the altering regulations by search engines often ends up doing “more bad than good” to the website.

Here are top 5 SEO tricks that are actually harming the website than ranking well online.

  1. Overusing Keywords – Keywords make it an important part of SEO evaluation. Stuffing them in articles and web-pages would fetch substantial number of visitors and ultimately good ranking for the website. However, the strategy is no more supported by search engines under the current marketing scenario. Today, it is content quality that values the most. Also, for keywords, try to include them in your content smartly, where it makes proper sense and adds meaning to the piece. No need to go overboard with the usage, stick to using them only couple of times in an article.  
  2. Copied/Duplicate Content – Using copied and duplicate content can make your SEO efforts go vein. This is because for search engines, content matters and to the great extent. They remain on a lookout for the pages that has something unique to offer in order to top the list. With duplicate or copied content there is no way you can reach the top spot on google. Not just that, using the copied content would also affect your site’s reputation and the same will no longer be referred.
  3. Broken Links – While your site grows and multiplies the number of internal and external links, chances are that it is going to get affected by broken links. Broken links can adversely affect your website rankings. If a visitor encounters even a single broken link on your website it would mean they cease to visit your website again, that ultimately results in dropping traffic and so is your site’s search engine ranking. Therefore, make sure your website does not end up having broken links.
  4. Paid Links – Another major aspect that drastically affects your website’s SEO ranking is that of paid links. Using paid links is an artificial way to boost your web page ranking by paying other sites to link to your content. Although paid links can initially help you drive more traffic to your website, there is huge risk of losing your credibility altogtop 5 SEO tricks that are actually harming the websiteether. On the other hand, using backlinks might take some time, for it works organically but will eventually leads to growth and expand your reach.
  5. Guest Posting – Although guest posting is a great way to increase traffic to your website, it is important that it is equipped in the right manner or it can drop down the SEO ranking for your website. The practice requires you to post your content as guest on some websites. Make sure you go for high quality website in your niche only to post the content. Do proper research for the sites you want to post on and look for their SEO rankings too. Going right with your guest posting practice can help you gain required exposure and recognition you want for your website.

Summing Up

There are multiple factors that contributes towards cultivating top search engine rankings for a website. The above-mentioned points are just few of them. Following them with your SEO strategy will help you gain good ranking for your website that ultimately increase the reach and exposure of your business.