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16-01-2020 | Posted by: admin

Digital Marketing Trends That Defined 2019

The concept of digital marketing has experienced a major advancement since its inception. 2019 for being no exception has seen some of the best innovations in the industry. While some of the businesses witnessed impressive growth using latest marketing trends others are still trying to catch up with their pace. If you are among them and feel like your head is spinning working with advance digital marketing inventions of 2019 then you must know that 2020 is going to be even more interesting, bringing in way more technological advancements that will change the whole game.

However before moving on with 2020, let us give a look back to the digital marketing trends that truly defined 2019.

Increased Use of Chatbots

Increased Use of Chatbots

One of the most emphasized digital marketing trends is that of Chatbots. 2019 has seen the increased usage of Chatbots as major marketing tool in business. It can be used everywhere on websites, mobile apps, social media, newsfeeds etc. Although, Chatbots can be served at the variety of places, they are most often used for simple purpose of answering users’ questions related to the business and products.  Other than that, Chatbots are now being considered for other purposes as well which includes for-

  • Lead qualification
  • Shopping assistance
  • Website browsing guidance
  • Knowledgebase research
  • Talent recruiting
  • Accessibility

These days Chatbots are even available for small businesses. There are plenty of third-party conversational AI platforms that different businesses can leverage to greet visitors, answer their questions and move on to make further purchase.

Increased Excitement for Instagram Among kids

Instagram has now become a rage among young kids for its exciting video and image sharing features. Crossing a million user bar, this social media platform is standing out among its competitors. Perceiving the popularity of Instagram as an effective social media platform, a lot of big brands were seen promoting their brands via videos and image in 2019. Also, a large section of audience is there on the platform accessing it, facilitating brands the opportunity to grab more attention. All you need is a good content which is informative, entertaining and has a story worth telling.

Ability to Personalize Emails

You have definitely been at the place of buyer at some point of your life, isn’t it feels appealing when someone from the sellers’ side of your favorite brand recognizes you, just like writing your name at the Starbucks cup?

Say it or not, personalization definitely works! It gives away the sense of likelihood to consumers with which they try to associate and correspond. The theory stands advantageous for the businesses as their prime goal with marketing is to grab more user attention and turn them into their consumers.  The similar kind of personalized marketing approach works with email marketing as well. Although marketing via email was working well, it got evolved with the personalized touch in 2019. Customization made email marketing more imperative and effective thus triggering more benefits in business.

Everything Still Involves and Revolves Around Content

Everything Still Involves and Revolves Around Content

Even though there are tremendous innovative digital marketing mediums to promote your brand, it’s the content that can make or break its worth. The quality of content matters a lot when it comes to marketing a brand. However, the amount of interest your content gets also depends upon the type of recipient.

Be it in general or otherwise, quality of content specifically plays a major role when it comes to reaching out to audience with your business and yielding favorable outcomes. Blending enhanced techniques with effective content with your content marketing efforts will help you gain progressive results for your brand.

The Epilogue

With digital marketing industry recording a major shift in developing its new capabilities and practices, one thing is sure that businesses can’t afford to outride with their marketing operations. According to Statista, it was just 15% of small businesses who choose to introduce marketing automation for their businesses in 2017. However, in 2019 with all the inventions mentioned above, businesses need to harness more marketing tools whether it is with new personalized ones or with the content marketing to yield its desired effect.


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