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18-12-2019 | Posted by: admin

How to Rank Your Website Successfully in Current Competitive Scenario

Every business owner would want his website to rank at the top most spots on Google for better visibility, lead generation benefits and potential for grabbing more sales too. However, raking high is not as easy as it sounds especially with the increasing competition. It needs constant work and optimization for search engines. Sometime, even the most skilled and knowledgeable marketers could not get desired success with their SEO efforts. So the question is how can a business operator manage to achieve the top ranking on Google (also on other search engines) when there is tough fight for the spot.

Through this blog post let us get familiar with some strategies that anyone can apply to increase their chances of claiming the top spot on google search.

Choose Your Competitors Wisely

While trying to get in top ranking on google, a lot depends upon who do you want to compete with. For a small business to take chance in outranking large organization is a waste of time, money and efforts. Instead try to focus on fighting with competitors in your niche. By niche it means with more specific keywords phrases and not the general ones followed by everyone.

Pick Out Realistic Keywords

Pick Out Realistic Keywords

Getting in on top spot on google ranking would be much easier if you choose right set of keywords for SEO. Being realistic means including keywords that of-course are searched by people on google but at the same time should not be very competitive in order to rank well faster. Once you start ranking well with easier keywords and your website has more authority then you can ofcourse move on to more competitive keywords.

Optimize Content for Your Keyword

While you have chosen your competitors and also have keywords to fight its time to put in those keywords in your site’s content. While you need to be creative with using your keywords in the content there is no need to overuse it. You can put them in URL, Title tag, Headings: H1, H2, etc.

Alt image tag and image captions and wherever it is appropriate in the content.

Boost Your Site With Content

One can access the importance of content marketing for a business with the mere fact that today almost 88% of B2B companies are using content as their major marketing tool. It includes content in various different forms like blog posts, newsletters, infographics, videos and logo branding etc. While working with content make sure you update it regularly in order to get in top rankings on Google. Also, make sure that it is only high quality and is valued by your customers and prospects.

Capture More Inbound Links

Capture More Inbound Links

Inbound links plays a major role when it comes to working towards search engine optimization. Infact, it is inbound links are the single most important element that can help you achieve high ranking by search engines. Therefore, it is advised to strategize and acquire more inbound links to your website. Some of the effective ways to do that includes –

  1. Adding your website to local business directories and review sites like Trip Advisor or Yelp.
  2. Posting on popular sites among your competitors. Even if you don’t get to provide the following link in bio, the same will help you increase your visibility which in turn will help in promoting your business.
  3. Including creative content that other bloggers and journalists will want to link to like posts on tutorials and guides etc.
  4. Replacing the broken links on industrial websites
  5. Utilizing opportunities of free PR, mentions and sharing links from HARO.

Final Thoughts

Although there is no sure way to reach to reach in top rankings on Google, targeting the right set of audience with apt keywords can improve your chances. Just, follow the above mentioned points while optimizing your website and get going!

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