Google Shopping Feed Management and Optimization

Google Shopping Feed Management and Optimization

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  • E-commerce businesses can leverage Google shopping ads for driving more traffic towards there website and increasing sales.

Google shopping ads appears within the Google search query for the product. They tend to grab more user attention through appearing in the top searches. Brands can take benefit of Google ads through grabbing more users towards their products and improve their profits. However, behind successfully reaching the top spot on Google with your ad goes a lot of efforts. We can help you with your Google shopping feed management requirements including creating feeds, daily updates, monitoring and optimization.

Google Shopping Feed

Fully Integrated Services With Google Guidelines

Data Feed Creation

We will help you in creating data feeds that goes by Google’s latest recommendations making sure that your Google shopping campaign perform as beneficial as it can.

Data Feed Submission/Updates

We will help you optimize feed for your Google ads with regular updates, submitting it on regular basis to keep all your listing up on Google product search by users on web.

Monitor Real-Time Performance

We will also provide you with our real-time performance analysis services over data feed. So you can analyze your campaign activity in terms of ad click or sales the moment it happens.

Product Data Feed Optimization

We work on optimizing feeds providing enough details and information about your products to help you improve your ranking and let users find your products while shopping on Google.


Why Choose Google Shopping Ads for Your E-Commerce Business?

Google shopping ads will help you stand exclusive with your brand with clear and targeted product offering whenever a consumer search for your product online.

Google shopping ads can help achieve significant amount of traffic to your website, reducing the overall cost for your digital marketing campaign.

Google shopping ads allows higher click through rate having low cost per click. This increases the chances for having higher conversions that results in improving return on investment on Google marketing campaign.

Google Shopping Ads
Google Marketing Campaign

Visually appealing and attractive Google shopping ads encourage consumers to make direct purchases. Hence, it Google makes it a strong advertising medium to connect with the audience with wide range of products.

Our Google Shopping management service Team will help you in proceeding with all your marketing needs and will let you to manage your business without any diversion.

Google Shopping Feed Management – Gateway to Google’s Flourishing Retail Faculty

Google shopping ads although contributes towards driving more traffic and sales for an online brand, there is a lot of work that goes behind in
order to achieve the desired results. We work through customizing the Google merchant center feed along with simultaneously
controlling ad visibility bars within AdWords. We help retailers in improving their performance and profits through working on every
SKU (stock keeping unit) as their own line of business.

How We Do It?

Creating and Optimizing Feeds

One of the major steps toward achieving results with your Google ads is through mastering with the feeds. In fact, feed management covers the major part while working with Google ads. It includes working on product data, product images and prices.



Another vital and the most trickiest part of Google shopping ad management is to bid. Although complex, there are various ways to do it successfully. We have seen shifting with biding strategies increases the return on ad almost in double for different campaigns.

Monitoring and Optimization

Google shopping ads allows to manage data even in granular format. Hence, it is easy to optimize it to improve performance. Proper monitoring and optimization of Google shopping ad campaign can help you gain good profits in business.

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