Paid Social Media Marketing Services

Stay ahead in the competition with paid social media marketing

Social media has happened to reach its heights at near warp speed and is still going strong with no signs of slowing down any soon. However, with the advancements in technology, it gets trickier to work over the platform with evolution taking place almost everyday. Businesses find it hard to manage social media advances that can change the game with the drop of a dime. And so they consider paid media marketing services over the organic means of marketing.

Mobile Video Advertising

Now that people are smartphone addicts, platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat provide advertisers the opportunity to grab audiences’ attention and make them buy your products using mobile video advertising. These platforms allows you to utilize the suite of video advertising and multiple other ways to engage audience using sound and motion pictures. The same would help businesses seek more attention that will help them improve their overall ROI.

Paid Social Media Marketing Services

Organic social media can be good to develop a brand. It helps you generate results through efforts and in time. It is critical as you need to undergo the procedure to nurture your audience with a content-driven convention that leads to engagement and conversion. On the other hand, paid media advertising is more clear form of advertising as you know you are going to pay the publisher for your content to appear and work in your favor. He team at Infrism Digital can help you to take advantage of the fastest growing digital marketing platform with its paid social media advertising services. Social media sites allows users to target audience through psychological targeting factors. Compared to ‘post and wait’ dynamics of organic advertising, paid social media advertising ensure that your ad will be seen and will make maximum impact. Apart from that paid social media advertising can help you in meeting following objectives in your business –

Immediately drives traffic to your website

Generate leads through improving downloads

Increase brand awareness through eye catching ads

Improved visibility for your ads

Our Paid Social Media Services Include

Scrutinize the social campaign

we offer our services to examine your current social media campaign in order to find the areas that needs improvement. Our audit service is meant to find newer opportunities for the clients to grow their audience.

Social Monitoring

Manage and channelize your advertising strategy

Our team with sit with you in order to understand the needs and objections of your organization with a particular social media campaign including brand exposure, app downloads, increasing conversions online etc. We will then customize an appropriate strategy which includes adjust and reallocating money to the most yielding channels.

Social Monitoring

We will help you monitor your paid social media activities and will let your know how well they are resonating with your audience using social media listening tools such as Geofeedia. We provide our insights to help you adjust your social media plans if needed and also use them to prepare future strategies. We help you evaluate your company’s organic social media content and let your know of the paid posts that are possibly benefiting you based on what is trending on the social media.

Target Audience

Target Audience

We will help you target your audience through the right platform at the right place. We will provide you information about your consumers across digital and social platforms.

Content Development

understanding your target audience, we will help you prepare the content and message for your ad that drive instant connection with audience and compulsive engagement.

Optimize Campaign

Optimizing Campaign

We continuously analyze and optimize your campaigns to help you identity the areas of improvement in your advertising strategy.

Our Social Campaigns Will Help You Yield Results

Infrism Digital is a committed media marketing agency that ensures its clients not just with an effective social presence but also with an efficient ROI. We offer our clients with all possible recommendations when it comes to advertising on social platforms, ad copy, ad design and PPC advertising, along with an ideal demographic requirements and budget allocation. At Infrism Digital, we employ leading industry tools such as Adroll or Marin software to improve results with social media management for our clients. We execute and negotiate the campaigns as well as any supporting information which is required for the promotion. (landing pages, internal links, conversion tracking, pixel implementation, budget allocation, customer targeting, etc.). we make sure that we utilize our expertise to meet our client’s goals through advertising their brand using right platforms in order to achieve optimal results.

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