SEO Evaluation

SEO Evaluation

Know the importance of evaluation to be on the top rankings

Search engine optimization is not a one time process, it is an ongoing affair that needs constant updations to fulfill the objective of grabbing more user attention towards your website. However, a detailed SEO analysis and evaluation of your current website is very important before you move on to optimize it for search engines.

SEO Analysis
Search Engine Optimization Analysis

A thorough SEO evaluation which includes researching for keywords, page content, backlinks, target market, competitive analysis and your overall presence on web will help you strategize the best SEO options for your business . We specialize in providing customized SEO evaluation using on and off-page techniques to help your online business to attain high rank and stay ahead in competition.

SEO Evaluation Process

Although every website has its own set of challenges and reasons to approach with SEO evaluation procedure, however, the main objective is
to get significant improvements in terms of user engagement over the time. The following are the major steps we follow for our evaluation process.

Keyword Research

Evaluation for keywords would help businesses find the right set of keywords to use for their SEO process to be able to rank high on Google. For the purpose, we use specialized tools and strategies that help us research for keywords associated with the search of your products/services and also give an idea of your close competitors seach engine rankings.

Competitor Analysis

Researching for your competitors website and SEO will help you understand where they gain over your website and can help you convert it into your own. We research for keywords, design, backlinks on your competitors website to help you gain better rankings.

On Page SEO

We help your website rank better through evaluating everything on your website including page titles, content, images, website structure, meta data, content, titles, images etc. The evaluation information will then help you to optimize each page on your website to rank high and earn more traffic.

Off Page SEO

Off page evaluation will let you determine on how well your website’s external links are doing. SEO evaluation will help you identify and link your website to the most recognized and relevant websites as per the search engines.

Local SEO

Local SEO is a good idea to target potential local customers looking for your products and services using long tail keywords. Our team can help you localize your website with proven local content strategies.

Technical SEO

Your website’s structure, navigation and content visibility by search engines is what we study under technical SEO. The result will help you optimize your website in a way that it will help you gain benefits to fullfill technical requirement of search engines.

Monitoring and Evaluation

Our SEO evaluation team work on most advanced and recent analytics tools to monitor and evaluate your website’s performance and its rankings in order to help you gain over your competitors. The same will also help you improve quality of traffic for your website and hence more profits.


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