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Promote Your Brand’s Positive Image With Our Reputation management and PR Services

Reputation Management and PR

Internet is an inquisitive and risky space for brands to be at. It can help you build your brand image or destroy that in a matter of no time. It is almost impossible to measure and identify the type of influence it is making on your audience. An unsatisfied customer with a grudge against brand or someone who thinks is charged excessively all are talking online and can affect brand image negatively. This is exactly where a reputation management form can help you.Infrism Digital, provide both online and offline reputation management services to its clients before its slander brand image. Our comprehensive and result oriented ORM program will ensure your business positive image online. We conduct persistently persuasive online reputation management activities to ensure you get only positive feeds among Google’s top search results on web. In addition to mending your online brand image, we can help you in strengthening it.

Reputation Management and PR Services

We Can Help You Air Brush Your Negative Image With Additional Credible Data

Infrism Digital team of experienced online reputation consultants can help you keep up with online reputation. Negative comments on social media and other platforms can affect your brand’s image if its didn’t get resolved at the right time. We will help you rectify your brand’s image with genuine positive posts. Our experienced ORM team and resources empowers us to control your brand’s online image and attract new customers. We believe in providing maximum satisfaction to our clients with the best of our quality and services.

Are you a newcomer in your field or are you looking for a fresh start in your business? Want to make an announcement with a press release?

We at Infrism Digital can help you make an announcement about your company through our press release distribution services to a network
of different media outlets. It can be anything related to a product launch, promotion, new office location or a merger, whatever it is
we can help you release the news related to your company to all major search engines and news sites on web. The same will be
put forward to your potential consumers and journalists the way you wanted it to be.

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Wikipedia Page Creation and Optimization

It is quite evident that Wikipedia is one of the top most search results on Google and hence having your company’s profile on it would mean instant visibility and strong reputation for the brand. It is one of the most visited pages by online users for their various different searches. Similarly, when It comes to searching a brand Wikipedia ca help you control your brand image and present yourself in a better way to the world. Whenever a user search for any brand on Google, Wikipedia pages quickly shows up next to the brand’s ads. It helps brands draw more traffic to their website and it can also be optimized for the same. Having a page on Wikipedia can help your brand gain credibility from web users. However, there is one factor that yo need to consider while deciding on having a Wikipedia page for your brand and that it should not be outdated or lacking any prominent features. We at Infrism Digital can help you in creating optimizing and maintaining your Wikipedia page including excellent quality content with the best of its standards and in rules.

Getting your press release requirements from Infrism Digital isn’t just about getting your message out there, but optimizing that message the way you want, and then making sure that it reaches the right places

On many occasions, clients rely on paid marketing campaigns for broadcasting their messages and stories to their audiences. The marketers end up twining the actual message in their own words and hence client loses his control on the message to be circulated. However we understand that every company is different and needs unique digital marketing strategy. Therefore, we design custom marketing plan for each firm depending upon their potential and growth plan. We try and understand every company in its deeper layers and from every side in order to draw an effective media strategy and distribute it through innovative channels. We give up our comfort and search innovative ideas for our clients to help them find best results with their media campaign. We prepare finely crafted media strategy for our clients to help them achieve success for their objectives in business for which they have worked tenaciously all their life.

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